Please look through our website to see what we offer. We love to create and craft.

Our website relies on three works CREATE, LOVE, CRAFT for our inspiration and creativity. Shop with us and enjoy our unique homemade products we have to offer.


Willow Tree Beads and Crafts uses assorted colors and sizes chainmail rings and stones to create the product from earrings, bracelets, Zipper Pulls to necklaces. Each article we create takes a different amount of time to create. We want to have the best quality of work to offer you.

We do customized work and special orders such action figure bracelets from Batman to Captain America. Our best efforts go into ensuring that we provide you with the best and most personalized items to meet your satisfaction.


We personalize or create wine glasses for weddings, mugs, glasses, and coffee mugs with funny memes for all occasions. Whatever you like on your glassware we would be happy to create it to your specifications.

Willow Tree Beads and Crafts also does Glass Blocks with action figures, or art designed with lights inside the glass block. It creates a beautiful glow when it lights up. There are many color options for the lights such as Blue, Purple, Green, Red, and Orange to go along with your glass block creation. Our action figures are quite popular with these blocks and lights.


What is a house without creative décor? Willow Tree Beads and Crafts offers many things to add to your home décor. We offer colored night lights with many options on the light itself such as angels, batman, violins, etc.

We also have wooden signs or canvas signs that create a nice addition to your home. Our popular canvas is of a cardinal that says you are never alone. We can create a funny meme or personalize the sign with whatever you would like.


Willow Tree Beads and Crafts spends lot of time and love on our knitted and crochet items. The sky is the limit on creativity. We have knitted animal hats that come in small, medium, and large sizes for kids and well as adults. There are scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, and vests to keep everyone warm.

We also carry many hand towels with crochet buttoned tops, we have all seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, Christmas, Easter, and animal towels. There are also many scrubbies to chose from any about any color. Wash clothes have many colors as well. We would be happy to hear from you if you have a specialized request.

Our email is


There is clothing for babies and toddlers. Check out our many onesies with all kinds of mimes on them. We carry them in white, blue, gray, and pink. Sizes run from 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 18 months. For the younger children we have t-shirts in all sorts of colors with sizes of Toddler 2, Toddler 4, youth, and teen that we can provide you with any mime you would like if we do not have something that fits your needs.


Willow Tree Beads and Crafts is all about unique creative ideas. We want to provide products that bring joy to you when you see them. We want to sell products the customer wants as well. Remember you can special order a product and we will get back with you on the request.

How do you order something from Us?

We would be happy to discuss with you what type of product you are looking for. Our customers want products that best define them. Willow Tree Beads and Crafts is here to help with your special idea or request.

Please fill out the order from below and submitted by email to us. You can select the submit button and the email will come directly to us.

How do you order something from us?

We would be happy to ideate it with you if you want a certain product. Our clients often want products that best define them; however, they are not quite sure how they can do that. Our experts will help you formulate a plan to ensure that you get customized items made through us that speak your language. Please fill out order form below and submitted by emails to


    • If you are from a certain profession, you can ge4t customized items made by us to reflect it. Items can include t-shirts, jewelry, and glassware.
    • If you see a funny meme online that is hilarious that you want on a sign, t-shirt, or glass.
    • We also provide custom order for knitted hats, or sweaters if you have a special occasion, you want them for.


    The design stage is crucial, so we get the perfect product you desire. We need you to be part of the team to help us with the design. Once we have a design to your specifications, we and start on the project.


    We do not charge extra for special orders. However, please note that special orders may take a little extra time to create. Please allow for that time if you are ordering something for a special occasion such a birth, wedding, anniversary, or birthday. We promise to get you the product as soon as possible.

    Special orders require payment up front to ensure the product is made and will be sent to the person requesting the order. Once we receive payment and agree on the design, we will develop the product and get it to you as soon as possible.


    • If you are from a certain profession, you can get customized items made by us to reflect it. Items can include but are not limited to clothes, jewelry, and glassware. However, our orders are subject to availability.
    • If you found a certain meme online hilarious, you could have them printed from us on your favorite shirt.
    • We also provide custom stitching for knitted wear; hence if you want to gift someone a special sweater, whether it is for a child or an adult, we will ensure we do it for you after you select the colors and design.