Beverlee Diffin started off with an idea where we thought that we should change how people shop. Our homes, wardrobes, and shelves should represent who we are as a person and not what is considered acceptable in society. Hence a few very, very artistic people came together one Sunday afternoon to discuss how we can change the way people shop. A few months later, we are launching our own thing, trying to make it big with an impact. Our team is full of very inspired people who want to use art and crafty things to bring some bling into people’s lives.

We work around the clock to produce items that are handmade by our crafty employees, and believe us when we say it takes a lot of dedication and work to create even a single piece for our beloved customers. So when you buy from us, you can be confident that it was made with love and lots of care just for you.


Our company vision must scream louder than anything else. We stand for many things and envision to bring out as much impact as we can manage.

Bring Back Art Bring Back Art

Somewhere along the years, people have lost the importance of art, and we want to bring it back. Going for basic and mass production products is becoming the norm in our closets and our homes. Our vision is simple, we want to bring art back into people’s homes.

Create Craft for everyone

We believe crafty people and artistic people are being ignored by the day, but we will change that through Beverlee Diffin’s products and services. Through our work, we will not only create something totally unique, but we will also inspire people to express themselves through crafts.


Our store is not just for a man or a woman, it is for all. Beverlee Diffin stands to change how people do business online, and we want to make it all-inclusive for everyone. Behind the scenes, we have people from around the world creating products that they think are their version, and that is exactly how we want the world to see us.

Shop till you find yourself

Our business entirely focuses on having a personalized version of you. We want people to find their true identity through our products and services. Whether it is a mug that says “I’m a lawyer” to having a hand-knitted sweater, all should represent who we are as people.

Our Quality Speaks for itself

At Beverlee Diffin, we do not compromise on quality. For us, what we sell must be of the highest quality there is because our clients need to feel that they have invested in something close to their hearts. The durability of each item becomes very important to make an impact; hence we use the finest quality fabrics and raw materials to make our crafty items for your home and wardrobe.