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Willow Tree Beads and Crafts may all have a few items that show who we are. Our homes are a representation of us and what we love. At Willow Tree Beads and Crafts, we bring to you craft items in the form of so many different items that become must-haves to include in your home, antic jewelry to accent your wardrobe, coffee cups, glass blocks, animal hats, hats, scarves, and mittens, and baby onesies and sweaters to name a few. Our services are designed for those who want to do something different and inspiring within their homes and closets, and we tell them the magic starts from art!

Our Story

Willow Tree Beads and Crafts is not your conventional store where you can find very standard products. The world, including eCommerce stores, have lost its originality; hence we are a bunch of very inspired artists and craftsmen who are extremely bored at looking at basic products for our homes and wardrobes. Why does it have to be the same old things again and again? That is when the idea sparked that we must have a brand that sells cute, artistic, craft items and very personal things to people. Our teams scouted around the hood to know what it is that people crave the most, and it was no surprise for us when they told us that most products and services these days lack uniqueness.

Willow Tree Beads and Crafts is in the business of making a unique statement through all its products. Our articles are not a victim of mass production; rather, we produce per order and create for people who crave uniqueness and originality in their homes and wardrobe.

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Willow Tree Beads and Crafts is an all-inclusive place; hence if you are an artist or you love to create different crafts, you can contact us right away. We provide a home to people with different mindsets and those who love art and use it to express themselves. If you join us, you will be a part of a unique journey with Willow Tree Beads and Crafts. We need people like you to help us achieve our visions and different milestones.